1ST Video shoot Conor arrived on time and ready to get working/filming straight away. He had is own creative ideas of what to do and how to film after listening to the song and truly visualising it. He also brought mine and my manager IFS ideas to life in production. He did a serious video that with out a doubt is one of the best, most corrective rap videos out in the UK 2019


“Not only does Conor produce high quality work, he’s a great communicator and personable to work with. We have also seen first hand his dedication to the job and how well he works well under pressure. After working with Conor for a couple of shoots, we were sufficiently impressed to want to work with him for the foreseeable future.”


Conor not only understands what we are looking for but he also has great vision and ideas.

He is willing to push the boundaries and experiment.

We have now booked in 2 sessions a month for the next year for YouTube content to grow our brand. We wouldn’t use anybody else at this point.

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